Handy Hints


Packing Tips

Some items are prohibited and they include: Perishables, Flammable Liquids, Explosives, and Fuels.

Place allons/boxes wherever possible.

Make use of all available aids such as wrapping paper, bubble wrap, drop cloths, furniture covers, plastic sheeting, tape, and cartons.

Fill all cartons to maximum capacity.

Identify your cartons and keep a list.

Disassemble large items such as beds and tables where possible.

Books being a heavy item are best packed in smaller cartons so as not to produce a heavy load.

When moving ensure all doors are securely closed: E.G. Refrigerators and Freezers, cupboards, etc.

Some items are best packed and stored on edge. These items include: Mirrors, Windows, Records, Plates and Saucers, Pictures and Paintings.

Use Desks and Cabinets to transport and store carefully wrapped smaller items.

Towels, Blankets and Clothing are also very useful and make good padding for transport.

Storage Tips

Large, Heavy items should be stored to the rear of the unit.

Less frequently required items should also be stored to the rear.

Maximize the use of the unit height by storing items such as Beds and Mattresses on end.

It is recommended that you wedge appliance doors slightly. This is to prevent the build up of mold and bad smells.

It is also recommended that you leave a small space between the unit walls and your goods. Some items can be stored in large Appliances - also the careful stacking of some cartons on top of larger items.

Ensure that upholstery is not in direct contact with the floor or that sharp, and heavy items are not stacked on top.

Sofas may be stored on end on protective mats or plastic sheeting.

Smaller frequently required items should be stored near the door for easy access.

Clothing and Curtains should be stored on hangers whenever possible.

Cover the total load with a light plastic cover. This will act as an affordable and practical dust cover for your property.

Always use a good quality substantial lock on your unit.

Moving Tips

Planning for any move is the most critical factor to a successful relocation of your most precious goods. Below we give you a checklist which will help you remember all those nagging details that we all forget.

Preparing for the move

Confirm your furniture removal date with Kloses Removals

Complete and return your signed acceptance of the removal Quotation

Complete and return the Insurance Application

Arrange disconnection of the services or advise change of address (Try to give 30 days' notice in each case)

Newspaper Delivery


Gas and Electricity


The Post Office for redirection of mail

Your bank to transfer your account

The Electoral Office

Your motor licencing authority

Your Hire Purchase suppliers

Your insurance company re your motor and household

Your life assurance companies

The principal of your children's school, and a letter from the school

The Municipality - re Rates

Lodges, clubs and Benefit Societies

Publications to which you subscribe

Store - where you have charge accounts

Relatives, friends and regular correspondents

Your Solicitors

Your Church

Your Launderers

Before the removal Day

Defrost your refrigerator, and arrange for appliances to be attended to

Anchor the drum of your automatic washing machine

Dispose of your unwanted furniture by auction

Put aside bits and pieces you don't want to take

Clean out bathroom cabinet and dispose of all those old medicine bottles

Tighten the lids on all jars containing liquids

Return any garden tools, books, CDs and videos you've borrowed

Drain the fuel from heaters, lamps and lawn movers

Keep aside jewellery, money, insurance policies and documents of value

On the Removal day - One Last look Around

Anything left behind. The attic - garden garage - basement

No clothing still at the dry cleaners, or clothes in lockers at clubs or school

Water heater turned off

No taps left running

Light switches all turned off

Gas taps all turned off

Windows and doors all locked

Old house keys surrendered

We hope these hits, tips and checklist have provided some assistance and help to make your moving day a worry free one…

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